We recently met up with our friends at Forest Proud to talk about the importance of Urban Wood.

They turned our convo into a really powerful Urban Wood focused blog post and video all about the incredible journey of urban trees and how they continue to serve us, even after they’ve fallen.

Forest Proud so beautiful helps us to explain that planting and nurturing trees is more than just a passion for us; it’s a mission to create climate-resilient cities. Trees are our natural allies, shading our streets, reducing energy costs, and offering cool spots in our ever-warming urban landscapes. They’re not just beautifying our surroundings but actively cleaning our air and water.

But here’s a question that often lingers:

What happens to the urban forest trees when they come down?

Whether it’s due to natural disasters, pests, disease, drought, new construction, or simply old age, trees do fall.

Sadly, most fallen trees never get a second chance. Every year, an astonishing 15 – 30 million tons of urban and community wood end up wasted, rotting away in landfills, and releasing carbon back into the atmosphere.

But it doesn’t have to be this way! Urban wood utilization is all about giving those trees a new lease on life. By diverting wood from waste streams, we can create innovative products, reduce waste, open new markets, generate local jobs, and keep carbon stored for longer. It’s an economy that connects forests to communities in the most tangible way.

Want to know more? Dive into the full blog post by Forest Proud and discover how urban wood utilization is reimagining our cities and turning our urban wood streams into opportunities.

Together, we can support climate solutions and make our cities greener, one tree at a time. Join us in this exciting journey!

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