New Urban Lumber Showroom in Anaheim

Woodworkers and Artists flock to a brand new urban lumber showroom in Anaheim California.

Street Tree Revival, and urban lumber company offering wood slabs, cookies, and milling services in partnership with West Coast Arborists, INC. is now open at 2220 E. Via Burton, Anaheim CA 92006.

All trees have a life cycle, so we are making every effort to save the trees we can from ending up in landfills. We are harvesting a number of trees lost during storms, disease, or normal senescence and recycling this wood into useable raw lumber. our pieces offer a story unlike any other found in a lumber yard or furniture store as they’ve been salvaged from our city streets… a true street tree revival.

Street Tree Revival evolved from a 12- month trial program between West Coast Arborists, Inc. (WCA, Inc.) and the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CDF). WCA, Inc. is a tree maintenance and management company serving over 250 cities, counties, and school districts throughout California. Seeing as a number of trees require removal, they partnered with the CDF to create an environmentally sound and socially responsible alternative to importing lumber from other areas and to reduce the demand of trees from natural forests. This recycling pilot program proved to be successful. Years later, WCA, Inc. has expanded their efforts to help reduce California’s carbon footprint and now provides all their suitable logs and slabs to the Street Tree Revival program.

REMOVE- We remove damaged, dead, or hazardous trees from local cities.

REPLANT- Our goal is to replant two trees for every tree that we remove to maintain a healthy urban forest.

SORT- We sort logs that enter our processing yards by species, size, and quality. We also track the City of origin and removal date for all millable logs.

PROCESS- We process quality logs into urban lumber to give them a second life. Logs unfit for lumber are processed into firewood or ground into wood chips in an effort to produce zero tree waste.

MILL- Logs over 36 inches in diameter are milled into large slabs of varying thickness to be used for large pieces such as dining tables.

DRY- Kiln drying the lumber allows the wood to dry evenly so that it does not crack. This produces the best wood for fine woodworking projects. We own two dehumidification kiln and one vacuum kiln.

If you are a woodworker, carpenter, artist, or architect and you are looking for sustainable, beautiful wood at a fair price, visit the urban lumber showroom, or give us a call at 949-771-WOOD(6336)

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